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Book review by Charlotte Pearson

Published in the 5 March 2009 edition of Community Care

Posted: 04 March 2009 | Subscribe Online
writes Charlotte Pearson
Making Sense of Every Child Matters. Multi-professional practice guidance


Edited by Richard Barker, The Policy Press 2009, ISBN 978184742011

“This collection examines the implications of the Every Child Matters national and local framework for working with children.

The editor Richard Barker provides the text to the opening and closing chapters. These contributions frame the text well and, along with his shared contributions to chapter nine, offer the reader valuable information and clarity of process.

Sue Barker’s chapter was one highlight for me. This focuses on Sure Start children’s centres and the Every Child Matters framework. Barker expertly guides the reader through issues including: the history of Sure Start what the centres look like (which is valuable due to the huge variation which exists in terms of buildings and models) and staffing structures and associated recruitment challenges.

Each of the book’s contributions are well written by people with vast knowledge and experience. They are accessible, engaging and help the reader to fully grasp the Every Child Matters agenda and its implications for a broad range of agencies.

Making Sense… is very much an example of a book doing just what it says on the label. It is a must-have for all those working with, planning for or studying the health and social care of children and their families.”

Charlotte Pearson, commissioning and planning officer, Denbighshire Children and Family Services

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